Updates of 11 AB WPACs

2018 -2019 WPAC Compendium
190730 - FINAL WPAC Compendium 2018-19.p
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Childrens Watershed Activity Page!

Print this blank sheet and design the waterdrop to show what you like to do in the watershed. Then send it to our office

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Welcome to Alberta's largest watershed

The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance (MPWA) is the official Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Peace/Slave River Basin. It is a multi-sector, not-for-profit society committed to planning for an ecologically healthy watershed while ensuring environmental, economic and social sustainability. The Alliance includes stakeholders and representatives of communities that use consensus, adaptive management, and innovation to understand and promote living within the watershed. 

AGM 2021

Join us virtually for our AGM June 17th at 9 am. Register by clicking on this link Meeting Registration - Zoom. If want to join MPWA, please use the membership form. There are some seats that are up for election so if you are interested, please get your nomination form in.

AGM 2021 Advertisement Agenda.pdf
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Board of Directors - Election 2021.pdf
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Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance Nominati
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Working Well workshop

A virtual Working Well workshop to better understand your well and how to maintain it for those in the MD of Greenview and on the Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer. Register here

Working Well poster - downloadable
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Check out the Wetland Centre near Grande Prairie

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Wapiti Watershed Source Water Protection Plan

The plan is complete.  Thanks everyone for all your contributions. We will follow up with decision-makers to see how we can implement the recommendations of the report.

Wapiti Watershed Source Water Protection
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Welcome to the Updated Board of Directors:

Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Our Integrated Watershed Management Plan is done! Please take a look at it and see how we can work together to better manage the watershed.  Renewals will occur on a regular basis but for now the focus is on implementing the recommendations of the plan. Check out the plan here.

State of the Watershed

The State of the Watershed  is a snapshot of the conditions in the Peace and Slave River Watersheds in Alberta. The Alliance is using the report as a baseline as we assess the effectiveness of actions taken and track changes in the watershed.


We hope that you will find the tool educational and useful. Please contact us with any questions or comments.