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Childrens Watershed Activity Page!

Print this blank sheet and design the waterdrop to show what you like to do in the watershed. Then send it to our office

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Welcome to Alberta's largest watershed

The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance (MPWA) is the official Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Peace/Slave River Basin. It is a multi-sector, not-for-profit society committed to planning for an ecologically healthy watershed while ensuring environmental, economic and social sustainability. The Alliance includes stakeholders and representatives of communities that use consensus, adaptive management, and innovation to understand and promote living within the watershed. 

May 26th, 2017 - Annual General Meeting and DRAFT Integrated Watershed Management Plan Release

Join the MPWA Board and Staff at the Annual General Meeting for:

  • The Public Release of the Draft Integrated Watershed Management Plan.  The release of the Draft IWMP will kick off a round of engagement and review opportunities that will happen over the next number of months.  MPWA look forward to your to feedback and welcome any comments or questions.  Copies will be made available starting at the AGM.
  • Guest Speaker Michael Church: The Regulation of the Peace - Changing a Mighty River
  • Board  of Director Elections
  • Project and Financial Updates

For more information regarding the AGM please click here.

Integrated Watershed Management Plan

We are out and about talking about the plan and wanting to hear from you.  Come join us - click here.

Working groups

Many thanks to the individuals who are contributing their time, knowledge and understanding to our working groups.  Presently there are working groups looking at non-saline groundwater and the Peace River flow regime. Click here to read more

Integrated Watershed Management Plan Discussion Paper

We are starting to flesh out how to move forward on two identified Issues of Concern.  The Board of Directors is working through recommendations from 2 working groups: 1) Water Quality, Availability and Consumptive Use and 2) Wetlands and Wetlands loss.  As part of the process to refine the recommendations from the working groups the Board has produced a discussion paper.  This is not an exhaustive examination of topic, but just a sampler to get the converstation going so that we can have discussions with those through the watershed.  So please take a look and let us know what you think.

Peace and Slave Watershed Management Discussion Paper
Peace and Slave Watershed Management Dis
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Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Now that the State of the Watershed report for the Peace and Slave River is completed, the next step is development of a plan that considers how we share our water resources. The Integrated Watershed Management Plan will bring together those who live, work and play in the watershed. Please review the Terms of Reference that will guide us through the process. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our office.

State of the Watershed

The State of the Watershed  is a snapshot of the conditions in the Peace and Slave River Watersheds in Alberta. The Alliance is using the report as a baseline as we assess the effectiveness of actions taken and track changes in the watershed.


We hope that you will find the tool educational and useful. Please contact us with any questions or comments.