About the Alliance

The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance (MPWA) was formed in 2011, when it was designated the official Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) for the Peace/Slave River Basin under the Government of Alberta's Water for Life Strategy.

Map of the 11 Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Council watersheds.  The Light green in British Columbia and Northwest Territories shows the hydrological extent of the Peace and Slave Watersheds, although the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance focuses on the Alberta portion of this.

The Alliance is a multi-sector, not-for-profit society committed to planning for an ecologically healthy watershed while ensuring environmental, economic and social sustainability. Its active stakeholders and communities use consensus, adaptive management, and innovation to understand and promote living within the watershed. The MPWA's Board of Directors will report on the state of the watershed, lead watershed planning activities, promote best management practices and develop educational programs.


The Peace is a healthy, sustainable watershed that supports our social, environmental and economic objectives.


To promote watershed excellence, the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance will monitor cumulative effects from land use practices, industry and other activities in the watershed and work to address issues through science, education, communication, policy and by supporting watershed stewardship.


The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance is a strong, vibrant, and sustainable organization. The Board and Members of the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance are well educated about air, water and land issues in the basin and are open to innovative ideas and practices. The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance is well-known and accessible to residents in the basin. Residents of the Peace watershed have access to safe, secure drinking water. Water quantity in the Peace watershed is understood and advise on its uses are made to the appropriate bodies.

Watershed Stewardship is widely supported by residents throughout the basin.


The Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance will:

Respect a diversity of peoples and values by demonstrating individual and collective respect for the air, land and water and by appreciating the diversity of values and opinions found in the Peace watershed.

Be an ambassador for the Peace Watershed by promoting our vision and mission, demonstrating integrity, accountability and practicality, and practicing effective communication, knowledge-building and consensus decision-making.

Be a trustworthy and credible source of information by being well-informed and providing sound advice through an adaptive watershed approach that integrates traditional, local and scientific knowledge in information-gathering and problem-solving.

Be fair and transparent to all by seeking balanced representation and listening to all stakeholders in an open, transparent manner.

Be inclusive and collaborative by facilitating inclusive and collaborative processes and partnerships, promoting membership and interaction, and providing opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved.

Be innovative and action-oriented by being motivated, resourceful and action-oriented in finding new, innovative ideas and win-win solutions.

Foster Stewardship by encouraging and enabling individuals and organizations to be good stewards of the watershed.