WPAC Summit 2018

Thank you so much to all who made this event such a success! Attendees, speakers, organizers and sponsors.

A lot was shared around our theme of "Source Water to Drinking Water" ranging from the need for local initiative, through proper governance to appropriate monitoring. The speakers provided high quality talks that became the catalyst for ongoing conversations throughout the event.

Speaker presentations

Thank you to the speakers for releasing their presentations. Please use presentations appropriately and credit them if you are referencing their work.

ALUS Canada in Northern Sunrise County - Becky Devaleriola
ALUS MPWA Watershed Summit June 21 2018.
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Community Based Monitoring Opportunities for Alberta Lakes - Bradley Peter
2018-06-21-Peace River WPAC Summit.pdf
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Downstream: Alberta-Northwest Territories Bilateral Water Management Agreement - Meghan Beveridge and Tim Heron
Downstream_AB-NWT Transboundary Water Ag
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Environmental Monitoring in Alberta - Monique Dube
WPAC summit May 2018 Dube.pdf
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Forest Management and Water - Gordon Whitmore
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Monitoring and Management in the Peace-Athabasca Delta - Lori Parker
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Municipal Watershed Partnerships - Overview of the Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance - AnnLIsa Jensen
SRWA June 21 2018 Presentation Peace Riv
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Partnerships and Pathways - Working Together Towards Water Sustainability in the Cowichan Watershed - Tom Rutherford
CWB Presentation WPAC Summit 2018.pdf
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Shift Happens - David Samm
Summit Shift Happens 2018_PDF.pdf
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Source Water to Drinking Water - Robert Patrick
PATRICK_June 20_SWP.pdf
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Tracking Change - Neal Spicer & Abby D'Souza
Peace Pres Tracking Change.pdf
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Water Literacy in Alberta - Janine Higgins
Water Literacy WPAC Summit V02.pdf
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Watershed Stewardship Program - Kayla Boyd and Michelle Greenwood
!WSP - 2018 MPWA Summit Presentation.pdf
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