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Current Projects

The MPWA is currently managing several projects related to the Mighty Peace Watershed and its sub-watersheds, including


The Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Now that the first iteration of the Integrated Watershed Management Plan is complete, remember this is a "living document" and will be regularly updated, we are working on implementation. Ongoing projects and education efforts will focus on addressing the recommendations of the plan.


The Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer Source Water Protection Plan

A very high quality source of water is found in the Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer and we are developing a plan that will allow proactive protection of this valuable resource.  Many thanks to our partner and primary funder for this project, the Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer Management Advisory Association.


The Improved Livestock Crossing Project

This is another partner project that is working to develop relevant, local and affordable crossing structures for agricultural producers in the Peace Watershed. Improved crossing structures contribute to flood mitigation, water quality improvements and riparian function.  We are thankful to have received Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program funding to undertake this work.


The Redwillow Watershed Restoration Project

Efforts to restore the Beaverlodge River have narrowed focus on breathing life back into the Redwillow River watershed thanks to federal funding to begin restoration activities that will improve watershed health on the Redwillow River, of which the Beaverlodge River is a tributary.


The Streambank Stabilization and Extension Project

Historical straightening of a stream channel has lead to serious erosion that is impacting the agricultural operations and the downstream water quality and flood susceptibility.  Restoration of the stream and its function will stabilize the streambank and surrounding agricultural land while improving water quality and flood resiliency.  We are thankful to have received Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program funding to undertake this work.


The Wapiti River Water Management Plan

 The Wapiti River Water Management stakeholder Group consists of municipalities within the region as well as provincial and federal government departments, industry, user groups and the Might Peace Watershed Alliance. The plan will make recommendations will cover impacts caused from both point and non-point source inputs.ons on water quantity and quality that seek an acceptable balance among environmental, social and economic interests.