Current Projects

The MPWA is currently managing several projects related to the Mighty Peace Watershed and its sub-watersheds, including


The Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Now that the first edition of the State of the Watershed Report for the Peace and Slave Watersheds has been completed, the next step is to consider how we share our water resources and put that into a formal plan. The Integrated Watershed Management Plan will be combined with other plans in the Peace and Slave Watersheds and bring together those who live, work and play in the watershed to figure out the best way forward.


The Heart River Watershed Restoration Project

Concerns about the trends in watershed health led to the development of the Heart River Watershed Restoration Plan, supported by organizations, agencies and local government.  


The Redwillow Watershed Restoration Project

Efforts to restore the Beaverlodge River have narrowed focus on breathing life back into the Redwillow River watershed thanks to federal funding to begin restoration activities that will improve watershed health on the Redwillow River, of which the Beaverlodge River is a tributary.


The Wapiti River Management Plan


The Wapiti River Water Management stakeholder Group consists of municipalities within the region as well as provincial and federal government departments, industry, user groups and the Might Peace Watershed Alliance. The plan will make recommendations will cover impacts caused from both point and non-point source inputs.ons on water quantity and quality that seek an acceptable balance among environmental, social and economic interests.