The Wapiti River Management Plan Terms of Reference are available here.


Wapiti River Water Management Plan

AEP approved Wapiti River Water Management Plan
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Wapiti River Water Management Plan
This plan was submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks by the Steering Committee. In July AEP staff submitted the plan for approval.
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The open house is cancelled


Due to the COVID-19 virus and the importance to minimize risk to public health, the Wapiti River Water Management Plan Open House, scheduled on March 19, has been cancelled.

Options are being explored to offer a forum to discuss the plan and to ask questions.

While work is ongoing to get approval for the Wapiti River Management Plan, please note that Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) continues to ensure that prospective licensees and water licence applicants are proactively designing their plans with due consideration given to the Wapiti River Water Management Plan objectives. Water licence applicants within the basin are expected to make adjustments to their applications where necessary to meet the WRWMP water diversion limits.

The Wapiti River Water Management (WRWMP) Stakeholder Group consists of municipalities within the region as well as provincial and federal government departments, industry, user groups and the Might Peace Watershed Alliance. The group is tasked with providing recommendations to the Provincial Government as outlined in their approved Terms of Reference.


The WRWMP will make recommendations will consider impacts caused from both point and non-point source inputs.ons on water quantity and quality that seek an acceptable balance among environmental, social and economic interests. Water quantity recommendations will consider surface water use, including ground water that has a direct hydrological connection to the surface. Water quality recommendations will consider impacts caused from both point and non-point source inputs. 


Technical Studies

Bear Creek Water Quality Study
Water quality assessment was conducted to evaluate water quality/effluent from upstream to downstream of the City of Grande Prairie
Bear Creek Water Quality.pdf
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Wapiti River and Tributary Flows
Compiled water use and developed a naturalized historic flow record for use in modelling the various impacts resulting from different flow conditions.
Wapiti River and Tributary Flows.pdf
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Wapiti River Basin Land Cover Change Assessment
An assessment to understand how the current and projected land use within the basin will affect flows within the Wapiti River.
Wapiti River Basin Land Cover Change Ass
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Wapiti River Dissolved Fluctuation Literature Review
This literature review was conducted to better understand the impacts of dissolved oxygen fluctuations within the Wapiti River.
Wapiti River Dissolved Oxygen Fluctuatio
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Wapiti River Fish Telemetry Program
Mountain whitefish were implanted with transmitters and tracked over the winter to determine their selected overwintering habitat. This is new information that has not been previously identified in the literature and will contribute to better understand the fisheries habitat requirements during the low flows in winter.
Wapiti River Fish Telemetry Program.pdf
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Wapiti River Geomorphology Assessment
Determination of flow conditions that would impact the geomorphology of the Wapiti River.
Wapiti River Geomorphology Assessment.pd
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Wapiti River Habitat Mapping Study
Geo morphological units (e.g. pools, runs, riffles) within the Wapiti River were mapped. This information will feed into further modelling to help understand how various flow conditions will affect available suitable habitat.
Wapiti River Habitat Mapping Study.pdf
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Wapiti River Watershed Climate Change Assessment
Collected various global climate model projection data, analyze for historical trends and impacts of known climate cycles, and translate into flow projections.
Wapiti River Watershed Climate Change As
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